What You Must Do After A Boat Accident

A boat accident can cause you a lot of costly problems. From having to go to a hospital to dealing with missing work, there are a lot of things that cost you when you have an accident. What can you do about it in the end?

You need to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you’ve been in an accident. If you plan to go boating you may want to have someone in mind so it can help to do a little bit of research beforehand. Either way, you are going to need someone that is giving you a fantastic deal on all of this. You don’t want to win a case only to be out of most of the compensation you are getting. After all, you need that so you can cover things like getting healthy again and fixing or replacing your boat.

Figure out if anyone saw the accident. You need to contact the police, and try to keep any witnesses at the scene. Usually, people are fairly nice about sticking around and talking about what they saw. But, if people bail on you it may be your word against the other party. In either case, getting help from someone like an attorney is your best bet because you need to know how to use the law to your advantage. Get copies of any kind of police report or what witnesses have said so you can share them with your legal representation.

Keep your boat, even if it’s in bad shape, and take photos of it. You need to also see about getting photos of the scene of the crash and the other boat if there was one. Your insurance company may require these things if you want to get any money back from them if you pay for boat insurance. Photos may also come in handy if you end up having to go to court. If you’re carrying a phone or camera with you on the water, keep it protected so you can use it in the event of a problem.

Don’t try to stretch the truth if you have been in an accident. You need to be completely honest with your lawyer. Beyond that, however, you don’t have to talk to others about what is going on. If the other party, for instance, asks you if they can know about the case and what’s going to happen they can just be ignored. You don’t want to give the other party or anyone a leg up on you. It’s a lot better if you can ask your lawyer if you can talk to anyone, including the police if they are involved.

What you do if you’ve been in a boat accident has been explained to you above. Never let someone get away with causing you a problem. You shouldn’t be responsible for bills and other things if you’re not the one that caused the issue in the first place.

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